Jenna Steely is a designer/maker in the Bay Area working toward a more progressive future.

Street Cred


2017 - Present  |  Hustle  |  NEW YORK, NY to Oakland, CA

Lead Communications Designer

After 9 or so years in an agency setting, I was itchy to try something new. Hustle caught my eye—they're a fairly new and interesting technology startup in the social impact space. Now I'm slinging designs for this peer-to-peer messaging platform used by political campaigns, non-profits, and a growing list progressive organizations.  

2013 - 2017  |  Blue State Digital  |  NEW YORK, NY to Oakland, CA

Principal Designer

I graduated to principal designer and man, what a great role. I got to inspire and push our design team to be as creative, current and awesome as possible. I thoguht a lot about ways to better collaborate across offices, provide meaningful feedback to each other, and elevate our work to the rest of the company and beyond as thought leaders in the community. I did those things while leading the design of client projects on a spectrum from high level strategic work (think branding, campaign development, or responsive site designs) to nitty-gritty execution (think social media and email marketing, to the kitchen sink of design requests). 

Clients: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Playworks, Fair Trade USA, Google for Entrepreneurs, re:Work, airbnb, Hillel International, Kaiser Permanente, ATKearney, UK Labour Party

Senior Designer

I was ready to work on projects that were more personally fulfilling than banking apps and commercial websites, so I joined up at Blue State Digital — home of the Obama campaigns and other incredible work for progressive causes. I led and oversaw the design of many responsive websites, social media and email campaigns, and a handful of internal initiatives — along with managing a small team of designers. I was heading up our design work with various Google accounts and so after about a year at BSD New York, I decided to move from New York to San Francisco to pioneer our newest office in the Bay Area. 

Clients: Trevor Project, Sierra Club, XPRIZE Foundation, Shatterproof, Google,, Google Fiber, Greater London Authority, Tate Museum

2011 - 2013  |  RoundarchIsobar | NEW YORK, NY

Senior Visual Designer

Uh oh, my consultancy got acquired and merged with the agency Isobar. It was business as usual, for a while. As a senior designer I took on bigger and better projects, did loads of shiny pitch work, and worked side-by-side with some very talented UX and developers to make apps and websites for a growing list of clients, including [redacted super cool top secret project]. But I desired more meaningful work than traditional ad agencies can offer, so I left to pursue just that.

Clients: Bloomberg, Umpqua Bank, Ricki Lake, MSG Network, Radio City Christmas Spectacular,

2008 - 2011  |  Roundarch  |  NEW YORK, NY

Visual Designer

Fresh out of college, I returned to Roundarch to cut my teeth in the real world. I realized that while I had a passion for print, digital design is the future, and has the potential to reach so many people across the planet. The power!

I started to take on bigger projects under the kind tutelage of the senior design team. I became client-facing and started to work on-site most of my days, like a real consultant. Mostly on internet and mobile apps— we called them RIAs or "rich internet applications" back then. 

Clients: Bloomberg, Avis, Budget, Mastercard, the U.S. Army

Visual Design Intern

I wanted to be a book designer when I grew up, but the dying industry of publishing was not the place for a bushy-tailed, starry-eyed college youth. I took up an internship with a digital consultancy called Roundarch and started to learn what designing for the internet was all about. 

Class of 2009  |  Carnegie Mellon University / School of design  |  Pittsburgh, PA

BFA, Communication Design

My parents encouraged me to go to art school, but I thought that was a terrible idea: the archetype of the "starving artist" did not interest me, despite my creative tendencies. However, I heard about this thing called "design" and decided to apply with a fine art portfolio to Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design. Somehow I ended up in one of the best design programs in the country, drew a lot of cubes, was broken and rebuilt into a super design cyborg, and came out the other side a thoughtful and eager designer, ready to hit the job market. 

Workin' Skills

Visual Design




responsive web

Social media & email

Presentations / Pitches

Hand-lettering / Calligraphy


Paper & pencil





Keynote / powerpoint

Marvel / inVision


the Google apps

the Mac apps

Cool Skills


MIG welding

Propane Flame Effects