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A sketchbook is a lot of things. A place to take notes, to dump ideas, to iterate, to doodle. It's my place for words and pictures.  

New car

Thomas and I bought a new (used) car today! Very excited to have a vehicle in our lives. I've never been a car owner before, having always been a city girl, but it definitely will be awesome to increase our ability to get out of town. Also planning ahead to take it to the burn and ultimately drive it across the country when we're ready to leave SF eventually. 

It's a 2006 Subaru Outback--a car that I am very familiar with and grew up driving various versions of. I love them because they are safe, reliable cars, and hey're somewhat rugged, with AWD that helps in places like Tahoe. And you can pack 'em full of stuff for excursions and trips. I was a little hesitant getting such a long car for street parking, but I just couldn't bring myself to commit to a small car in the long run. 

Excited to get out of the city soon! Hiking this weekend perhaps?