Jenna Steely is a designer/maker in the Bay Area working toward a more progressive future.


A sketchbook is a lot of things. A place to take notes, to dump ideas, to iterate, to doodle. It's my place for words and pictures.  

Pom poms I

I've started a new idle hobby—making pom poms. They are pretty easy to make, and a bit mindless, so sometimes I'll sit on the floor when we watch a netflix show and crank through a few pom poms. 

I bought a pack of 4 sizes of pom pom makers, and 5 different colors of yarn. It's been fun to mix and match colors and decide where to mix colors. Also seeing how the pom ends up depending on where I started wrapping yarn or how thick I wrap it before cutting and tying it off. 

One of the funnest parts is shaping the pom. I have a large bowl I use to catch the fuzzies as I shape the orbs. When you cut all the threads, they aren't all the same length (the interior yarn is shorter than the exterior pieces) so they need to be trimmed up. I'm getting better at eyeballing these for "evenness" but at first it was difficult to eyeball the shape of a sphere!

Pics to come.