Jenna Steely is a designer & artist in the Bay Area

Hello! I'm Jenna.

Hi, I’m Jenna. I'm a freelance designer with over a decade of experience.

Selected Clients

Press & Writing

Scout Books ran a case study on one of my design projects. Designing an event experience for Keepers of the Constants

I like to think about collaboration. Don't Fear the Feedback: Four tips for informal, yet effective design collaboration (Originally posted on AIGA)

Here's one of my finer persuasive pieces.  Email to my Boss: On Creativity, Hot Metal, and the Eccentric Use of Personal Development Funds

Some people think I'm inspiring. Arc Interview: Inspired By: Jenna Steely, Designer

For more writing, visit my blog.


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Fun Facts

Tallest mountain climbed:
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
19,341 ft

Famous handshakes:
Barack Obama
Tony Blair

Instrument played: